natural plasters for home

The perfect wall finish

Our homes have a significant impact on our lives: we relax in them, we entertain in them, we live in them.

If you’re thinking of decorating a room or refurbishing a home, then look no further than natural, earthen plasters. They enhance your walls and ceiling by adding character, texture and depth, and some homeowners even describe them like ‘getting a warm hug every time you walk into the room.’

A healthy, beautiful covering for beautiful interiors


Natural plasters are one of the most environmentally friendly wall finishes around and they create stunningly beautiful, stylish walls that work in harmony with your home. They are warm in winter and cool in summer, bringing a natural comfort to the rooms in your home.

You get a consistent high-quality seamless finish that is exquisite, smooth and soft. They give your rooms a natural warm and inviting ambience that is perfect for if you want to relax, work from your desk or entertain in the evenings. It’s the kind of wall covering that make you feel as if you’re home every time you step into the room.

Not only do natural plasters look beautiful but they also help your home ‘breathe’ and stabilize the internal humidity of a building by absorbing and releasing moisture. This makes for a more comfortable living environment and significantly reduces condensation and mould growth. And because of their insulation properties they can help improve your annual energy consumption and potentially reduce your heating bills.

Benefits of using natural plaster in your home:

  • Exceptional light reflection qualities
  • No need to repaint year after year
  • Extremely durable and zero-maintenance
  • Can be wiped clean
  • Temperature controlling
  • Moisture-resistant, vapour-permeable, and humidity-regulating
  • Can be applied on a variety of wall surfaces
  • Sound dampening qualities
  • 100% natural and VOC-free

Whichever room you are decorating we have a plaster to suit your needs

Don’t sacrifice a healthy and sustainable wall covering for beauty and performance: choose both! Natural plasters are unmatched in beauty, versatility, durability, and health.


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