At Natural Earth Plasters our mission is to help you rediscover the beauty and performance of natural plasters and enable you to choose a healthy and sustainable wall covering. That’s why we only sell plasters that are 100% VOC-free and made with natural, non-toxic ingredients.

Natural plasters such as lime and gypsum are much kinder to the environment than “modern” products such as cement and synthetic stucco—and they are fabulous to look at, gentle on the earth, and offer superior protection for the home and workplace.

Whether you need healthy and sustainable wall covering for a lobby or reception area, lounge or office, or bedroom or web room our selection of plasters means that we have a plaster to suit your needs inside and out.

natural lime plasterEarthen Plasters
Earthen plaster is the name used to describe plasters, such as clay and lime plasters, which are extremely environmentally friendly. Clay plaster has amazing hygroscopic qualities – it takes up and retains moisture – which means that they reduce mould caused by condensation and in timber-framed buildings they draw water away from the timbers. Another benefit of clay plaster is that it can be repaired.
Natural lime plasters are vapour permeable so they allow buildings to breathe and help to stabilize the internal humidity of a building by absorbing and releasing moisture. This makes for a more comfortable living and working environment and reduces condensation and mould growth.

Gypsum Plaster
Gypsum plaster was used on the interiors of Egypt’s magnificent pyramids at Giza about 2500 bc. However, unlike earthen and lime plaster, gypsum is used exclusively for interior walls. It adheres to walls well and is smooth and creamy. Gypsum generally dries without cracking and requires very little maintenance but because gypsum plaster is permeable to water vapour it acts like a sponge so should not be used in wet rooms. Our French gypsum is handmade with no additives.

Shikkui Plaster
Shikkui is a traditional Japanese lime plaster made with high quality, natural ingredients and has been used in Japan for over 1,000 years. It has been developed for walls and ceilings so you can achieve a stunning range of traditional and modern finishes. This beautiful high quality plaster comes directly from nature and later returns to it without harming the environment. And as an added benefit the high-grade calcium carbonate in the plaster naturally acts as an antiseptic: preventing bacterial, viral, and fungal growth.


10 Reasons to choose natural plasters

  1. They create a more comfortable living and working environment
  2. They reduce condensation and mould
  3. They can protect adjacent building materials
  4. They are suitable for internal and external walls
  5. They are kinder to the environment as they use less energy to create than “modern” products
  6. They are durable and will stand the test of time
  7. They can be used to create stunning and beautiful finishes on walls
  8. They are sustainable
  9. They are VOC-free and made with natural, non-toxic ingredients
  10. You don’t need to paint the walls as our plasters are naturally coloured to your choice

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