natural gypsum

A very versatile and decorative plaster adding depth and style this natural plaster can be used as a backing plaster around 5-10mm in depth or very smooth finish creating both rustic and colourful contemporary finishes.

Because of its composition and larger aggregates we can product high build which allows us to cut into the plaster and create stencilled patterns. This technique allows us to form surfaces emulating beautiful limestone walls.

Gypsum has been used in construction since the days of ancient Egypt, where it was used in building the Pyramids. Some of this construction is still visible over 5,000 years later, a tribute to gypsum’s durability as a building material.

In the 18th century, the French chemist Lavoisier began modern research on gypsum by studying its chemical properties. Large deposits of gypsum were discovered near Paris, and “Plaster of Paris” became a popular building material. Plaster of Paris is raw gypsum that is chemically altered by heating to different temperatures to remove much of the water naturally occurring in gypsum.

I have been building houses for 30 years and every once in a while you meet someone special. When you meet that special person they don’t turn up when you ask them to and charge twice what they quoted. Paul has leapt into that extraordinary category of people who are brilliantly skilled, turn up when they say they will turn up and charge what they told you they would charge. God bless him. If you have found him don’t let him go.

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