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100& VOC-free

At Natural Earth our mission is to help you rediscover the beauty and performance of natural plasters and enable you to choose a healthy and sustainable wall covering. That’s why we only sell clay plaster that is 100% VOC-free.

Perfect Interiors

Our homes have a significant impact on our lives: we relax in them, we entertain in them, we live in them. If you’re thinking of decorating a room or refurbishing a home, then look no further than natural clay plasters.

What are VOCs?

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are organic chemicals that have a high vapour pressure at ordinary room temperature – most scents or odours are VOCs. We may not always see or smell them, however many VOCSs are constantly present. They can cause long-term health effects but because concentrations are usually low and the symptoms slow to develop, research into VOCs and their effects is difficult.

Materials that contain low or no VOCs should be the minimum. That’s why all our clay plasters are made with natural ingredients and derived entirely of clay, lime, gypsum and recycled aggregates and natural mineral pigments.

Use Clay Plasters In Your…

Natural limestone and clay plasters have a thousand and one different applications. They decorate walls in residential homes, where the quality of air benefits from the plasters’ 0% VOC emissions capability. They work brilliantly in bathrooms, wet rooms and spas where wall finish has to be attractive as well as waterproof. And they improve the design of many commercial spaces, adding an extra layer of texture to the space.

Naural Plasters At Home

The air we breath in at our homes should always be clear and safe. That’s why our natural plasters are completely toxin and VOC-free. See our best designs here.

Bathroom Without Tiles

Stunning and completely waterproof bathroom design without tiles is finally achievable! See how we replace tiles and grout with textured wall finish in any colour.

Commercial Spaces

We have worked on a number of projects with restaurants, hotels and offices around the country. See the custom wall finish we created for our previous clients.

See What You Can Create

Like works of art, each of our natural clay plaster wall creations is completely unique. There are hundreds of colours and textures to choose from, to best match the interior and its needs.

Shikkui Plaster

Traditional Japanese plaster – available exclusively at Natural Earth

Natural Clay Plaster

Non-toxic and naturally stunning

Natural Gypsum Plaster

Versatile and perfect for creating patterns

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Natural Earth Plasters have joined forces with Shikkui Plasters and The Clay Plaster Company to give you the largest choice of materials and the best product expertise in the market.

Natural plasters are pleasing to the eye, gentle on the earth, and offer superior protection for your home. At Natural Earth Plasters we use our 35 years of experience to create beautiful, stylish walls that work in harmony with your interior. Which is why they are becoming one of the most sought after finishes for homeowners, office builders and interior designers.

Our Clients

We are proud to have delivered our custom natural clay plaster wall finishes to hundreds of private and commercial clients. We have also worked with some of the biggest brands in the hotel, restaurant, interior design and architecture industries:

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We can offer you a range of ideas and plasters to suit your needs based on our wealth of experience from prestigious projects around the world. Whatever your requirements get in touch to discuss them in detail or book a free consultation.

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