There are trends to praise the old. There are mindsets to condescend the old. There are tendencies to covet the new. There is stubborn refusal to accept the new. But a real value needn’t to take side. Wherever, whenever, quality translates to virtue. Old or New, quality is recognized.

Shikkui is a cultural asset born of long traditions and history. how is it to be presented to todays world ? We asked ourselves this question over and over. Core value be inherited. packaging can change. we should always be evolving. Standing still is deadly. Lo-tech and Hi-tech. keep moving, step by step, unfailingly. Tradition and innovation. living for tomorrow, step by step unhaltingly.

Paul has deep knowledge of plasters through his long and wide experience. It was not by an incident but by a determination guided by his passion and belief to make this world more comfortable place by plaster’s potentiality that he ultimately found our company and our products.

Our company also has struggled through a long road in order to produce better products guided by the same passion and belief. It was lucky that we were both ready to start in UK when we met.

He came to Japan to have very intensive training from our best plasterers who were even awarded the Medal. And the speed of understanding and absorption proved the level of skill and the deepness of knowledge which Paul has acquired through his experience.

He not only learned techniques but also the spirit of perfection and serenity which Japanese plasterers endeavor. He would be the best evangelist to propagate the essence of Shikkui to UK.

Nobuyoshi Yukihira (行平信義)

President, Tagawa Sangyo Ltd Japan