Natural plasters are pleasing to the eye, gentle on the earth, and offer superior protection for your home.
At Natural Earth Plasters we use our 35 years of experience to create beautiful, stylish walls that work in harmony with your building.

Plastering is one of the most ancient of building crafts

Initially plastering was carried out using clay and mud, using the wattle and daub technique to keep out the cold and wet, but plaster has also been used throughout ancient history in the Egyptian, Minoan, Greek and Roman civilisations to decorate palaces, pyramids and temples.

Did you know?
After the fire of London Bridge in 1212, King John ordered that all shops on the Thames, and all brewers and bakers have their walls plastered inside and out to make them safe from fire.

Of course plaster ingredients and techniques have moved on since then. Today’s “modern” plasters and plasterboards are widely available but they are also more toxic and energy intensive than natural plasters.

A healthy, creative covering for beautiful interiors

Our mission is to help you rediscover the beauty and performance of natural plasters and enable you to choose a healthy and sustainable wall covering.

Owner Paul Dixon, who has over 35 years experience in the trade, has been working with natural plasters for many years and understands the significant advantages and benefits they offer over harmful modern plasters.

“We need to give more attention to the materials that surround us in our homes and workplaces. Yes, wall coverings should engage and improve the environments in which they are applied but we need to be environmentally conscious about what we use. Particularly we need to be aware of the invisible effects, such as VOCs, that buildings have over the people who inhabit them.”

While natural plasters have significant advantages, they can be difficult to get hold of. Paul’s vision was to provide consumers, businesses, interior designers and tradespeople with a range f natural plasters that are fabulous to look at, gentle on the earth, and offer superior protection for the home and workplace. And so Natural Earth Plasters was born to bring together a range of beautiful natural plasters and pigments all in one place.

Our commitment
We are committed to making life beautiful, naturally. Our plasters are an environmentally friendly alternative to cement and other acrylic based coatings, they are made with natural ingredients and derived entirely of clay, lime, gypsum and recycled aggregates and natural mineral pigments. As innovators in the green building movement, we provide healthy and sustainable wall coverings as a common alternative for healthier homes and workplaces.

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